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Institutional Membership

Institutional Membership

Institute of Law Library is member of following Institutes/ Organization/ Networks:


The International Association of Law Schools is a private, non-political, non-profit, volunteer, and collaborative.

  • Member institution can apply for an ASLI fellowship up to 2 month at the NUS law school discount SGD 100 on negotiated conference.
  • Receive copies of the Asian Journal of Comparative Law. (2 issues annually)

The Indian Law Institute is an International Centre for advanced socio-legal research and has done significant work in the field of legal research, education and training.

The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) is a non-profit consortium of law schools, law libraries, and related organizations.


  • CALI Author: It is a Software that powers CALI Lessons
  • CALI Lessons: It is an interactive tutorials
  • Classcaster: It is blogging, podcasting and website creation tool.

The Indian Society of International Law (ISIL), a premier national institution for teaching, research and promotion of international law.


  • Each corporate member is entitled with Associate Membership of the society
  • Corporate life member is entitled with Life membership of the society.

As a non-profit association of students and lawyers who are dedicated to the promotion of international law.

Member institute can access delegate papers, minutes, reports for previous conference on website, Receiving IALS newsletter containing articles of Interest, International gathering of leading legal educators, opportunity to collaborate with other schools and faculty.